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Lambert and I, and lots of readers, agree that Ukraine has prompted the worst informational setting ever. We hope readers will collaborate in mitigating the fog of conflict — each actual fog and stage fog — in feedback. None of us want extra cheerleading and link-free repetition of memes; there are platforms for that. Low-value, link-free pom pom-wavers will probably be summarily whacked.

And for individuals who are new right here, this isn’t a mere well mannered request. Now we have written website Insurance policies and those that remark have accepted these phrases. To stop having to resort to the nuclear choice of shutting feedback down totally till extra sanity prevails, as we did in the course of the 2015 Greek bailout negotiations and shortly after the 2020 election, we’re going to be ruthless about moderating and blacklisting offenders.


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Rival teams of male dolphins form the animal world’s biggest social networks, long-running study finds Science

Local weather

Late Season Melting in Greenland NASA

The road to California’s energy disaster: A new history of PG&E paints a bleak picture LA Occasions

Farming, pandemics, and a conservation program aimed at enriching the Global North (PDF) Pandemic Analysis for the Individuals


Bharat Biotech’s intranasal Covid vaccine gets DCGI nod for restricted emergency use Indian Specific. Lastly:

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The dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 infectivity with changes in aerosol microenvironment PNAS. From the Summary: “A lower in infectivity to ∼10% of the beginning worth was observable for SARS-CoV-2 over 20 min, with a big proportion of the loss occurring throughout the first 5 min after aerosolization. The preliminary price of infectivity loss was discovered to correlate with bodily transformation of the equilibrating droplet; salts throughout the droplets crystallize at relative humidities (RHs) beneath 50%, resulting in a near-instant lack of infectivity in 50 to 60% of the virus.” And on strategies: “The reservoir of a droplet-on-demand dispenser (MicroFab) is crammed with MEM 2% FBS. The appliance of a sq. waveform to the piezoelectric crystal ends in a compression wave that passes via the dispenser’s orifice and initiates the formation of a jet that varieties droplets of uniform measurement with every pulse.” I’ve gotta say, I’m a bit leery of this dispenser thingie as a result of a 20-minute timeframe appears brief, given the epidemiology now we have. Do now we have any aerosol scientists within the readership?

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COVID-19 Medical Countermeasures and the Commercial Marketplace ASPR, HHS. The company taking up emergency response from CDC. The Tweet:

In a “considerate, well-coordinated method that leaves nobody behind,” what {the marketplace} will do, completely.

Billionaire-Backed Group Steps Up Hunt For Long Covid Treatment Forbes. Simply what we’d like. Squillionaires with vivid concepts.


Next China: Millions Are Still Being Locked Down Because of Covid Bloomberg. “For President Xi Jinping, the one state chief on this planet clinging to a Covid-Zero coverage, .” Wowsers, savage indictment! …. In the meantime, the actual story—

Protecting older people: a high priority during the COVID-19 pandemic The Lancet. “In a society that has embraced Confucianism for over 2000 years, Chinese language individuals cherish filial piety as considered one of their basic values. Older individuals are normally considered probably the most prestigious members of a group. Due to this fact, Chinese language individuals have a tendency to simply accept older individuals’s alternative of being unwilling to take vaccines, which embody the COVID-19 vaccine. Moreover, many older individuals and their relations weren’t motivated to take vaccines due to the properly managed COVID-19 scenario in China. These circumstances led to low vaccine protection amongst older individuals on the early stage of the pandemic.”

Encouraging the elderly in China to receive COVID-19 vaccine is the next necessary step (accepted manuscript) Public Well being. “There are two primary explanation why the vaccination price of the aged in China has not but attain optimum ranges. Firstly, the aged with underlying ailments typically have security issues, such because the potential for severe uncomfortable side effects…. Secondly, the aged have issues relating to the effectiveness of the COVID-vaccine…. Latest research have demonstrated reassuring findings to handle the issues of the aged inhabitants relating to the COVID-vaccine. Nonetheless, extra mixed efforts by healthcare employees, coverage makers, and the media to encourage the uptake of COVID-vaccination within the aged and different at-risk populations, corresponding to these with autoimmune ailments and most cancers, are urgently wanted with a view to restore ‘pre-pandemic life’.” Feels like China has PMC; maybe flapping research at elders isn’t the perfect mode of persuasion?

China’s Zero-Covid Approach Explained NYT. “Zero Covid has been framed in opposition to the failures to manage the virus within the West, notably the US, the place multiple million individuals have died from the outbreak. China has reported simply 5,226 deaths amongst its inhabitants of 1.4 billion.” Basic. See, it’s framing.

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The Weakness of Xi Jinping Overseas Affairs

China’s Lending Strategy in Emerging Markets Risks Prolonging Borrowers’ Pain WSJ

Insider Knowledge Is The New Status Symbol For China’s Luxury Sophisticates Jing Each day


Abandoned mosque emerges from shrinking reservoir in drought-stricken India Miami Herald. 30 toes tall, that’s some shrinkage….

Texas regulators turn away from proposed microplastics pollution ban Courthouse Information


Soldier Defections Since the 2021 Military Coup Impartial Journal of Burmese Scholarship (funding). Really a ginormous particular situation, however quoting from the article whose title I linked:

“As mirrored on this situation’s memoirs, post-coup defections in Myanmar started largely as one-off particular person departures from disparate navy sectors. However as some who left the navy started to go public, declaring their identification with the CDM and the individuals’s resistance, defection steadily developed into an specific revolutionary technique. Supported by pro-democracy activists and later by the NUG and EAOs just like the Karen Nationwide Union (KNU), defection is now thought of one of many three pillars of the Spring Revolution—a standard time period used for the individuals’s battle in opposition to the navy regime. Alongside civilian protests and armed resistance, the defection pillar facilities on making the navy collapse from inside and from beneath, by getting increasingly more troopers and different safety power personnel, corresponding to police, to go away or interact in civil disobedience.”

Curiously, I don’t see this tactic listed on Gene Sharp’s 198 Methods, bible of shade revolutions. (Sharp is each annoyingly exact (“Skywriting and earthwriting”) and maddeningly obscure (“Establishing new social patterns”). I believe if Sharp had this tactic in thoughts, it might be on his listing.)

Myanmar may be blacklisted by global financial regulator FAT Vietnam Posts


Tata Group could soon set up an iPhone assembly plant in India BGR

Devdutt Pattanaik on the 3,000-year-old Hindu ritual of feeding the dead Scroll.in

The Koreas

North Korea makes nuclear policy ‘irreversible’ with new law Al Jazeera

No model for change to Covid isolation rules The Saturday Paper. Australia. The deck: “The most recent modifications to Covid-19 guidelines – shortening isolation intervals and eradicating some masks mandates – have been made with none written recommendation and no modelling was supplied to nationwide cupboard.” Wait. I assumed Scotty from Advertising and marketing bought changed by someone utterly totally different?


Afghanistan Commission identifies exact PowerPoint slide that lost War Duffel Weblog. Right here it’s:

I hope they’d the labels on a separate layer so they might swap in new stuff for Ukraine.

New Not-So-Chilly Warfare

Brussels faces opposition to capping price only on Russian gas FT. Ursula van Leyden would cap US fuel, in line with Alex Christoforou. Any person ought to give her a name.

How Europe Can Manage Without Russian Gas Venture Syndicate

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Giant nuclear power plant in Ukraine is at risk of ‘unlimited release’ of nuclear materials unless a safety zone is established, UN warns LiveScience. “Observers additionally skilled energetic shelling in the course of the crew’s go to to the plant.” Oh, come on. If the observers had concluded from the proof of their senses that the shelling got here from the East, you know they’d have mentioned it was Riussia. They’re didn’t, so it’s Ukraine. Have the US inform its consumer to not shell a nuclear plant, downside solved. Simple peasy.

Italian journalist Mattia Sorbi wounded near frontline in Ukraine Guardian. Alert reader guurst provides this tweet thread, which comprises the clarifying info that the Ukrainians set Sorbi up:

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The Ukraine Grift IM—1776

Digital great game: The West’s standoff against China and Russia Politico

US sanctions firms over alleged use of Iranian drones in Ukraine Al Jazeera

Russia makes a U-turn on reciprocity policies Gilbert Doctorow

Does War in Ukraine Impact Vital US Interests? Russia Issues

Biden Administration

Biden’s Pro-America Foreign Policy The Liberal Patriot. Tuxiera appears to assume “liberal nationalism” is a brand new factor. I’m so outdated I bear in mind Vietnam….

Labor Secretary Warns Labor, Rails (UPDATED) Railway Age

White House and Senate Democrats eye child tax credit Hail Mary Axios

Intelligence Group

Hunter Biden laptop deniers leading DC’s International Spy Museum Washington Examiner

Provide Chain

Empty container problem intensifies, reports Sea-Intelligence Container Information vs. Xeneta questions ‘myths’ of heavily declining container volumes and bunker price unrest Hellenic Transport Information

Queen Elizabeth II

What Happens to the British Monarchy Now? Teen Vogue. Rainbow:

Thousands Of Miles From Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II Will Always Be Remembered On One D.C. Street DCist

What can the world expect from King Charles III? CNN. Recreation of Thrones:

Imperial Collapse Watch

The West needs to brace for the Great Reset as new voices challenge the established world order South China Morning Put up

Reliance On Dual-Use Technology Is a Trap Warfare on the Rocks. Protection procurement.

Class Warfare

United Airlines threatens to drop JFK service if U.S. does not approve more flights Reuters

Ransom Capitalism London Assessment of Books

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What is to be done about the US death crisis? Coverage Tensor

Medically assisted deaths could save millions in health care spending: Report CBC. Mates, there’s excellent news tonight!

‘It’s Becoming Too Expensive to Live’: Anxious Older Adults Try to Cope With Limited Budgets KHN By Rule #2….

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‘Stonks’ Aren’t the Only Reason Why Businesses Should Know Their Memes Bloomberg. The deck: “Know Your Meme, a number one on-line encyclopedia for memes, needs to show its big database right into a worthwhile software program instrument for monitoring web developments.” A parallel to Wikipedia? See NC. Right here is the metadata for the “stonks” entry, helpfully annotated:

Digital nomads have rejected the office and now want to replace the nation state. But there is a darker side to this quest for global freedom The Dialog. I agree all of us want Mr. Lee’s Better Hong Kong. However a tiny fraction of the PMC lacks the clout.

Slavery and the British Industrial Revolution (PDF) “We present that areas with exogenously extra slavery wealth develop sooner, expertise extra structural change, develop extra mills and factories, and undertake extra steam engines. We rationalize these ndings utilizing a dynamic spatial mannequin, wherein slavery wealth stimulates home capital accumulation, and therefore expands manufacturing in capital-intensive sectors.”

It’s Time To Rethink the Origins of Pain Scientific American

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Bonus antidote:

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