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Lambert and I, and lots of readers, agree that Ukraine has prompted the worst informational setting ever. We hope readers will collaborate in mitigating the fog of warfare — each actual fog and stage fog — in feedback. None of us want extra cheerleading and link-free repetition of memes; there are platforms for that. Low-value, link-free pom pom-wavers will likely be summarily whacked.

And for individuals who are new right here, this isn’t a mere well mannered request. We now have written website Insurance policies and those that remark have accepted these phrases. To forestall having to resort to the nuclear choice of shutting feedback down totally till extra sanity prevails, as we did through the 2015 Greek bailout negotiations and shortly after the 2020 election, we’re going to be ruthless about moderating and blacklisting offenders.


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How a Self-Trained Italian Blacksmith Built Himself an Amusement Park Atlas Obscura

Bank of America announces zero down payment, zero closing cost mortgages for Black and Hispanic first-time homebuyers NBC (Re I). Re Silc writes: “Thus you recognize the tip is close to….”

Local weather

Why clean air might be for the 21st century what clean drinking water was for the 19th TVO Right now

2021 saw record-high greenhouse gases, sea levels and ocean heat, new report shows ABC

What’s going on with the Greenland ice sheet? It’s losing ice faster than forecast and now irreversibly committed to at least 10 inches of sea level rise The Dialog

Where We’ll End Up Living as the Planet Burns Time (Re Silc). “Our greatest hope lies in cooperating as by no means earlier than: decoupling the political map from geography.” True. Actual property speculators could transfer quicker, nevertheless.

* * *

How does low-impact development help manage stormwater? Soils Matter, Get the Scoop. Permeable pavement is sweet!

As Wildfires Worsen, Native Seed Companies Look Towards New Technology SeedWorld

California to try tackling drought with canal-top solar panels The Register

* * *

California asks residents not to charge electric vehicles, days after announcing gas car ban WFLA (ctlieee),

Dealership Quotes $30,000 to Replace Battery in a $10,000 Chevrolet Volt The Drive


FDA authorizes updated COVID boosters from Moderna and Pfizer Middle for Infectious Illness Reseach and Coverage. Commentary:

The Biden administration is pushing another round of Covid boosters. Who’s listening? STAT

* * *

What you need to know about the next generation of COVID vaccines Boston Globe

Exclusive: Covaxin’s Manufacturing Practices Remain ‘Unacceptable’ Says WHO The Wire. That is unhealthy, since Covaxin is manufactured by Bharat, who additionally manufacture BBV154, a nasal vaccine mentioned to have handed its section three trial, however with its regulatory approval mysteriously extended.

* * *

Covid-19 Vaccines — Immunity, Variants, Boosters NEJM. From the textual content: “The expectation that Covid-19 vaccines would forestall acquisition of an infection and block onward transmission was primarily based on preliminary knowledge in 2020 (earlier than the emergence of viral variants) that confirmed excessive neutralizing antibody titers and strong protecting efficacy at peak immunity after mRNA vaccination. Nonetheless, given the substantial waning of serum neutralizing antibody titers and the emergence of variants with elevated transmissibility and antibody escape, it will be affordable now to recalibrate targets for Covid-19 vaccines.” I like “recalibrate.” As for the emergence of variants, no person might have predicted that!

Clinical severity of Omicron SARS-CoV-2 variant relative to Delta in British Columbia, Canada: A retrospective analysis of whole genome sequenced cases Scientific Infectious Illnesses (IM). n = 13,128. From the Summary: ” In late 2021, the Omicron SARS-CoV-2 variant emerged and quickly changed Delta because the dominant variant globally. The elevated transmissibility of the variant led to surges in case charges in addition to will increase in hospitalizations, nevertheless, the true severity of the variant remained unclear. We aimed to supply strong estimates of Omicron severity relative to Delta…. Our evaluation helps findings from different research demonstrating decrease danger of extreme outcomes in Omicron-infected people relative to Delta.”


Taiwanese forces shot down drone over tiny island near Chinese mainland South China Morning Publish

Taiwan president says she looks forward to producing ‘democracy chips’ with U.S. Reuters. So, Taiwan transferring capital off-island? Why?

US has ‘no good options’ on Taiwan as China resets status quo FT

* * *

China Locks Down Megacity Chengdu as Covid Zero Intensifies Bloomberg

Human Rights Violations In Xinjiang: Much-awaited UN Report Exposes China; Key Points Here Republic World


Funding Myanmar’s Spring Revolution The Diplomat

At least six killed after factory owner calls in military in Hlaing Tharyar Myanmar Now


If India Is To Fight Corruption, the Focus Must Be on Dam Projects The Wire


What do US forces want to achieve in Syria? Deutsche Welle


Bars, cinemas, gyms: Belgium agrees on ‘ventilation plan’ for public places Brussels Instances

Germany tightens COVID rules for travel during fall, winter AP

Ex-PM Karamanlis calls for full disclosure in wiretap probe Ekathimerini

New Not-So-Chilly Chilly Struggle

The Heisenberg Offensive:

No air cowl, little gas, ~ten-to-one inferiority in shellfire. So the Russians pull again the meat-grinder again a couple of kilometers, and let the Ukrainians throw themselves into it there?

Ukraine – A Frontline Report – Vanishing Foreign Weapons Moon of Alabama

* * *

German companies halt production to cope with rising energy prices FT. Commentary:

Escalating Blowback From Russian Sanctions Larry Johnson, A Son of the New American Revolution

* * *

EU Toughens Travel Rules For Russia; Agree To Suspend Visa Travel Deal Amid Ukraine War Republic World

Russian oil chief Maganov dies in ‘fall from hospital window’ BBC (Re Silc).

Remembering Gorbachev Glibert Doctorow (ctlieee). “The [Soviet] financial system was hopelessly mismanaged and the whole legacy of Soviet laws rendered it just about unimaginable to flee from violence or the specter of violence to make issues work.” Completely in contrast to the Unied States….

Biden Administration

The Real Student Debt Debate In The Lengthy Run

Biden’s Student Loan Scam Black Agenda Report

Exclusive: Biden administration moves to streamline Medicaid, CHIP enrollment USA Right now. New rule. However see at subhead: “Pandemic’s formal finish complicates protection” (good spin with “formal,” BTW). “[B]etween 5 million and 14 million, in line with a Kaiser Household Basis estimate, might lose Medicaid as states begin to unwind protection when the Biden administration declares the COVID-19 public well being emergency to be over… it’s unlikely the proposed rule would go into impact earlier than the unwinding course of begins, [Allison Orris, a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities] mentioned.”


Why Yesterday’s DOJ Filing Suggests a Trump Indictment Is Coming Andrew McCarthy, Nationwide Evaluation

DOJ details path of obstruction culminating in search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago The Hill

Dissecting 7 key pieces of the Mar-a-Lago photo CNN. Digital proof….

Obama Legacy

Democrats can’t win until they recognize how bad Obama’s financial policies were (no paywall) Matt Stoller, WaPo. From 2017, and extra true than ever. A must-read.

Groves of Academe

New Acquisitions: On the Wisdom of Noah Smith A Assortment of Unmitigated Pedantry (LL).

The Screening Room

What Are You Doing on Saturday Night? Staying Home to Watch ‘Svengoolie’ WSJ. The deck: “Wire-cutters get antennas to look at campy horror-movie anthology present on MeTV, led by a comic in a high hat providing corny jokes from an upright coffin.” Yves writes: “Svengoolie dude Wealthy Koz is a industrial genius. Who has a cable franchise that isn’t simply nonetheless working after 40 years previous however truly rising, and prices nothing to supply?” Koz usually runs previous B-movies with dinosaurs and monsters, lots of them created by particular results wizard Ray Harryhausen, the topic of my brother Roy Webber’s e-book, The Dinosaur Films of Ray Harryhausen. (Roy was the primary in our household to have a e-book printed.) Each time Koz runs a Harryhausen film, he provides Roy a shout-out, and generally an interview!

Zeitgeist Watch


So I’m in a gathering with my spouse, and Jeffrey Epstein texts me….

Guillotine Watch

Lakewood cut down Town Square trees to deter homeless Asbury Park Press

Class Warfare

For job searchers, $20 per hour is the new $15 Axios

Medieval friars were riddled with parasites Science

Genomes from a medieval mass burial show Ashkenazi-associated hereditary diseases pre-date the 12th century Present Biology. Commentary:

Commenters argue the case that medieval Norwich, England, was the epicenter for European anti-semitism.

Philip K. Dick’s fiction is our nonfiction Evgenia, Yasha Levine. Right now’s second must-read.

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