Hyperlinks 11/3/2022 | bare capitalism

Crows Perform Yet Another Skill Once Thought Distinctively Human Scientific Individuals

Swarming bees stir up their own electric fields Science

Fed raises rates another 0.75 point, hints hikes could slow in future Axios

The inflation narrative is fabricated, as is the response Tax Analysis UK

The Hidden Cause of Economy-Wide Inflation? Marshall Steinbaum, The Sling

Despite Recession Fears, 18.5% of U.S. Workers Are Searching for a New Job Morning Seek the advice of

Maersk Achieves Record Quarter While Warning of Recessionary Signals Maritime Govt

Local weather

Climate change will make rainbows more likely ZME Science (Rev Kev).

Wildfire smoke alters immune cells, promoting inflammation Wildfire At present

The Insect Apocalypse Is Coming to Your Neighborhood Bloomberg

TPC Group’s Port Neches plant leaked chemicals, then exploded. Now they want Houston to trust them. One Breath Partnership

* * *

The Gomeroi people have fought Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project for a decade. They hope a novel climate change argument could help them win ABC Australia. From September, nonetheless germane. Drillling 850 wells over “aquifers of the Nice Artesian Basin — the biggest and deepest artesian basin on the earth, and the one supply of recent water by a lot of inland Australia.” What might go unsuitable? Oh, and on aboriginal land.

New documents reveal corrosion, leaking in coal seam gas wells, raising contamination fears ABC Australia


The End of Evusheld The Atlantic. Not addressing transmission seems to be an issue. Who knew?


Global bankers ‘very pro-China’, says UBS chair FT

We don’t want to decouple from China, but can’t be overreliant Olaf Scholz, Politico

China’s 20th Party Congress: The Implications for CCP Norms The Diplomat

iPhone assembler Foxconn shifts production from China Covid-hit plant FT

TikTok says staff in China can access UK and EU user data BBC

We aren’t the one nation with horrible communication on Covid:


Big banks face scrutiny over business with Myanmar lender Al Jazeera

After Repeated Crackdowns, Myanmar Junta Officially Bans The Irrawaddy The Irrawaddy

The Koreas

The popularity of the Korean oegugin (foreign) influencer is on the rise. But there is a dark side to this pop-nationalism The Dialog

Supreme Court Orders Reparations for Sex Workers Serving US Military The Blue Roof


With 86% of votes tallied, Netanyahu on cusp of election victory Al Mayadeen

Saudi Arabia courts Australian miners for $170 billion plan Mining.com

Pricey Outdated Blighty

Rishi Sunak to review pledges made in Tory leadership contest FT. Commentary:

New Not-So-Chilly Battle

Senior Defense Official and Senior Military Official Hold a Background Briefing US Division of Protection:

DOD is conducting hands-on coaching with the Ukrainian Armed Forces on U.S. finest practices to allow them to present higher information, for instance, from websites near the entrance traces that U.S. personnel can’t go to.

After which fourth, to confirm this information, U.S. personnel have lately resumed on-site inspections to evaluate weapon shares in nation every time and wherever the safety circumstances permit.

Boots on the bottom, eh?

Who’s afraid of US troops in Ukraine? Indian Punchline

Will Biden Gamble on a Ukraine Coalition? The American Conservative

Biden Administration Again Plants False Nuclear Scare Stories Moon of Alabama

Russian Retreat in Ukraine Exposes Collaborators—and the Finger-Pointing Begins WSJ

* * *

Russia rejoins deal on wartime Ukrainian grain exports AP

More than Half of Tankers Which Have Been Loading in Russian Ports in the Last 6 Months, Were Controlled by EU, G7 of Allied Countries Hellenic Delivery Information

* * *

Fears of neo-Nazis in military ranks after ex-soldier’s passport cancelled The Age

How Pre-WW II Ukrainian Fascists Pioneered Brutal Terror Techniques; Later Improved By CIA, Now Ironically Taught to Descendants Covert Motion Journal. From June, nonetheless germane.

Bolsonaro backers call on Brazil military to intervene after Lula victory Reuters

The Supremes

“Originalism Is Intellectually Indefensible”: Eric Foner on the Enduring Myth of the Colorblind Constitution Balls and Strikes

Our Famously Free Press

How to Inoculate against Midterm Misinformation Campaigns Scientific American. The final sentence ought to be the start line. not the ending.


‘This Is Our March 2020’: Children’s Hospitals Are Overwhelmed by R.S.V. NYT (Rev Kev).

The Bezzle

Boris Johnson, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, to attend International Symposium on Blockchain Advancements (ISBA) 2022 as Keynote Speaker Benzinga

The Death of Crypto Has Been Greatly Exaggerated, Again Institutional Investor. Fraud at all times has a spot.

Banks detected a record $886 million in ransomware payments in 2021 American Banker

Imperial Collapse Watch

Geopolitics is the biggest threat to globalisation Martin Wolf, FT. Commentary:

Is the IMF fit for purpose? Guardian

Class Warfare

Your Boss Is Spying on You. The NLRB Might Stop It. Gizmodo

Beyond financialisation: the longue durée of finance and production in the Global South Cambridge Journal of Economics. From the Summary: “Seen from the South, we argue that though there was growth of monetary motives and practices the ‘divorce’ between the monetary and the productive financial system can’t be thought of a brand new empirical phenomenon having occurred over the past many years and even much less an epochal shift of the capitalist system. The tendency for finance to neglect the wants of the home productive sector has been the structural operation of finance in lots of elements of the World South during the last 150 years.”

Bristling with Barricades London Overview of Books. Paris, 1848.

Observing many researchers using the same data and hypothesis reveals a hidden universe of uncertainty PNAS. From the Summary: “We coordinated 161 researchers in 73 analysis groups and noticed their analysis selections as they used the identical information to independently take a look at the identical outstanding social science speculation:…. On this typical case of social science analysis, analysis groups reported each extensively diverging numerical findings and substantive conclusions regardless of an identical begin circumstances. Researchers’ experience, prior beliefs, and expectations barely predict the large variation in analysis outcomes. . This reveals a universe of uncertainty that is still hidden when contemplating a single research in isolation. The idiosyncratic nature of how researchers’ outcomes and conclusions diverse is a beforehand underappreciated rationalization for why many scientific hypotheses stay contested. .”

The Intelligence of African Hunters, and the Ignorance of Popular Hereditarians Traditions of Battle

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